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The GlobetrotterGirls mission

In the beginning: Travel the world and write about it.
As the audience grew: Inspire others to travel independently.
Pivot: Inspire others to strive for independence in travel and lifestyle; to break free and live life on your own terms.


After a Master’s in Media and three years doing PR/copywriting with VisitBritain based in London, I became a freelance travel copywriter. In April 2010 my former partner and I left London for what we thought would be a one-year round-the-world trip funded by freelance travel writing. It turned into four years of nomadic travel funded by our travel publication:

Initially, GlobetrotterGirls was meant to be a scratch pad; a place to ‘practice’ travel writing and create a portfolio. The audience grew into dedicated readers and fans with as much of an interest in us personally as the traveling we were doing. Our content changed to reflect the interests of our expanding audience.

Evolution of the GlobetrotterGirls Content Strategy

At first, the only strategy was focused on travel: go wherever I want to and write about it. As the audience grew and fans became more dedicated to us as people as much as our travel tips, the strategy shifted to one that was much more structured and personal.

  • Cleaned up tags and categories to improve user experience
  • Made key decisions around brand voice, image style & types
  • Implemented a cross-channel content marketing strategy
  • Created a dependable editorial content calendar
  • Developed several weekly and monthly series topics
  • Incorporated sponsored content and affiliate marketing content

Polaroid of the Week
A polaroid picture on Thursdays highlighting something fun done that week.

GlobetrotterGirl of the Month tag

GlobetrotterGirl of the Month
A monthly interview series of fellow globetrotting women who ran businesses and traveled the world full time to serve as further inspiration to readers interested in the freedom/digital nomad element of the site.

LGBT specific posts
Several posts focused on the LGBT travel experience either by us or guest posts.

What I Wonder When I Wander
Inspired by an autobiography of my favorite author Langston Hughes, this series was a more personal look inside the emotional/psychological/mental aspect of travel that resonated very well with readers across all demographics.

Please Don’t Go…
These articles told the wonders of smaller cities or unknown gems and then begged readers not to go for fear of changing the place. Of course, if they did go, they shouldn’t tell anyone else about it…wink wink.

Hotel TIp of the Week

Hotel Tip of the Week
This weekly post morphed into a ‘Where to stay in…” series of trustworthy hotel recommendations where we had actually stayed and recommended. Several readers wrote that they booked their entire trips based on our recommendations.

Sponsored Content
A main source of revenue, sponsored content was carefully and transparently dispersed throughout posting schedule.

Affiliate product reviews
A secondary source of revenue, inclusion of reviews of affiliate products was strategically and transparently included each month.

4 out of top 5 results for "housesitting book"


Four out of the top five results for “housesitting book” are owned by and the Ultimate Housesitting Guide site specifically set up for the book: 

Off-site content marketing strategy:

  • Launched/produced/edited the Break Free podcast
  • Wrote a successful ebook on housesitting.
  • Took part in several interviews per year across several blog/journalist demographics.
  • Annual Inclusion on two different top 100 travel blogs lists.
  • Joined the Professional Travel Bloggers Association
  • Social media campaigns, #twitterchats and growing the audience across all possible channels.

Overall statistics

Number of blog posts written: 800+
Grew social media from 0-20k fans/followers (FB/Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram)
Grew blog from 0-50k unique monthly visits.

My hats included: Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Content Producer, Blogger, Interviewer, Podcaster, Author, Speaker, Social Media Manager, Community Builder, Housesitter.

Countries traveled to: United States, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Norway, Czech Republic, Austria, Britain, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore.

I successfully exited from my half of in February of 2014.

  • It really helps that I’m able to have you as a sound board. It makes a huge difference, especially with your wealth of knowledge and coaching. Awesome!!

    Michelle Polk, Health & Wellness expert

  • Platform building. Site/content analysis. Branding exercise. I know these words, I understand these words, but I don’t DO these words. Jess does, and she does it better than anyone I’ve ever worked with. And she’s so damned smart. If you don’t do these words you need to hire Jess.

    Deborah Taylor Johnson,

  • I have known and worked with Jess for several years now and I cannot speak highly enough about her personality and credentials. She thinks outside the box to solve complex problems and is a great listener to her friends and clients. She is open-minded, articulate, hardworking, loyal and imaginative in her storytelling. She is the ideal person to collaborate with on creative projects. I cannot wait to work again with her in the future!

    Meg Rulli, ModMark Group