I love helping entrepreneurs and businesses identify their true mission and create the stories around that to connect with customers.

We’ll do some soul searching to nail down your ‘why’, do an inventory of your current strategy, create stories and a strategy to tell them all via your website, email, social media, etc. Then we’ll test that, see what works, what doesn’t and continue to improve.

I can also help you with:

Social Media Strategy

  • It really helps that I’m able to have you as a sound board. It makes a huge difference, especially with your wealth of knowledge and coaching. Awesome!!

    Michelle Polk, Health & Wellness expert

  • Platform building. Site/content analysis. Branding exercise. I know these words, I understand these words, but I don’t DO these words. Jess does, and she does it better than anyone I’ve ever worked with. And she’s so damned smart. If you don’t do these words you need to hire Jess.

    Deborah Taylor Johnson, Gobunkers.com

  • I have known and worked with Jess for several years now and I cannot speak highly enough about her personality and credentials. She thinks outside the box to solve complex problems and is a great listener to her friends and clients. She is open-minded, articulate, hardworking, loyal and imaginative in her storytelling. She is the ideal person to collaborate with on creative projects. I cannot wait to work again with her in the future!

    Meg Rulli, ModMark Group