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Jess: In a Nutshell (tl;dr)

I am a trilingual world-traveling storyteller and entrepreneur obsessed with language, culture and living outside the lines.

Professionally, I wear hats like Content Strategist, Social Media Strategist, Blog Consultant, Writer and Editor.

Here are some of my projects and some samples of my work.

I speak fluent German and Spanish.

Jess: The extended-play version

I am a traveler who has always made a living from words. 

I taught English for seven years in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Germany and England, then pursued a Master’s in Media and Culture Studies in Brighton, England.

I moved to London to work in PR/Media Relations at VisitBritain, the national tourist board.

Here, I became a storyteller.  

My job was to promote hotels, shops, bars, restaurants, tours and local destinations around Britain to international tourists. I wrote travel copy, press releases, newsletters and worked closely with journalists to help them craft their stories about Britain.  After a couple years, it was clear I wanted to be on the other side of the looking glass.

I dreamt of becoming a travel journalist.

I started pitching my own stories, got gigs writing travel copy for tourism clients and I set off to travel the world. The year was 2010 and traditional newspapers saw budget and staff cuts left and right. It was hard to sell in stories and even harder to earn a living that way.

The travel blog I had started with my then-partner started generating interest from advertisers. Suddenly the blog generated as much income as travel articles + copywriting.

I became a location independent entrepreneur who traveled the world  for four years.

 My shift to digital had officially begun. I was a Co-Founder, an Editor-in-Chief, a Podcast Producer/Talent/Editor, Content Curator, Video Editor, Ad Sales Representative, Public Relations Manager and Co-Author of a 150 page ebook on housesitting. Eventually, we created a travel website network of five sites to expand advertising and affiliate sales.

In early 2014, I finished that wild and crazy ride and returned to Chicago, IL, where I am now based.

Today, I help business owners and companies tell their stories. Here’s how you can work with me.

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